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Types of Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases involve accidents that occur in residential or commercial buildings. Legal concept - DJ Law MS

You may have a premises liability case against a landlord, homeowner, or building manager who has been negligent in keeping their property reasonably safe to avoid injuries or loss.

What Is a Premises Claim?

Premises claims include but are not limited to the following examples:

  • Slip and Fall Hazards: Property owners may be liable for damages when they fail to provide proper warning signage on their premises, knowing the floors are slippery from the snow, ice, or water.
    Slip and fall accidents may also occur in a building’s faulty staircases. Unmaintained staircases are prone to collapsing.
  • Poor Maintenance: Any home or office requires an appropriate amount of maintenance to ensure its inhabitants are safe. For instance, a homeowner may be liable for damages if you incurred an injury on their premises due to faulty wiring. You may have electrocuted yourself because of outdated electrical outlets.
  • Inadequate Security Measures: You may have a strong premises liability case when a property owner fails to provide adequate security protocols in their premises. People may be at risk of getting injured when a building has no industry-standard security systems to protect inhabitants from robberies or criminal activities.

How To Prove Premises Liability

Premises Liability-DJ Law MS Proving you have a strong premises liability case against a property owner may be difficult without professional assistance.

Premises liability lawyers review cases by assessing a property owner’s level of negligence in the accident you may have incurred in their property.

To prove an owner has been negligent, there must be evidence of the property owner’s failure to provide standard care with regard to their property.

For instance, if you incurred an injury in a commercial building after slipping on a wet floor, the property owner may be liable for damages for failing to provide proper warning such as wet floor signs.

Evidence for this may come from witnesses or security footage.

Premises Liability vs Personal Liability

Premises liability relates to the lawsuits you can pursue as a victim of illness or injury due to a property owner’s negligence.

For instance, if a property owner’s home has faulty floorboards, causing you to fall through and twist your ankle, the injury you incurred in their property makes the owner liable for damages.

Meanwhile, personal liability relates to the lawsuits you can pursue as a victim of illness or injury due to another person’s actions. Personal liability also covers damages to your property.

For instance (using the same home situation as above), if you incur an injury in another’s property but it was because the owner accidentally dropped an object on your foot, they become liable for damages due to their actions.

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