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Without an attorney, you’re at risk of losing compensation claims. 

That’s why we at the Deakle-Johnson Law Firm dedicate our services to help you overcome emotional strain to put back the control into your hands and win your case. 

Previously known as Deakle Law Firm, our attorneys in Hattiesburg and the greater Pine Belt area have more than fifty years of combined experience and proven results. 

We are a tight-knit family firm, and we believe in the value of hard work, strong advocacy, and justice for our clients. Our goal is to help you get the best outcome for your case, from start to finish. 

Is It Worth Getting A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Certain types of accidents and injuries almost always require an attorney to help you claim your rightful compensation.

One of the most crucial steps to settle things without a lawyer is gathering concrete evidence after the conflict. 

However, we don’t recommend you give recorded statements to the other side’s insurance. 

We also advise against writing about your case on social media. 

If you find yourself wrapped up in a personal injury claim or some other type of lawsuit, keep the following in mind before entering the process.

Before sending a demand letter to the other side’s insurance company, be sure that you take pictures of the property damage, the accident scene, and the injuries.

You also need to get a copy of a police report if you’re involved in a car accident. 

Some injuries may not be immediately apparent after a car accident. 

We advise getting medical attention right away and to save you potential headache down the road, we suggest that you utilize your personal injury insurance before resorting to your health insurance. 

Lastly, an essential part of your negotiation is to understand your claim’s time limits, which varies by state. 

A Personal Injury claim in the State of Mississippi has a time limit of three years from the date of your injury. 

This time period is known in the legal world as the Statute of Limitations (SoL).

It is important to note however that there can be mitigating factors with these time limits so no matter what, always consult with an attorney and inform them up front of any and all dates that may be relevant to your injury!

Our Practice Areas

Don’t risk your financial stability and losing your compensation claims by neglecting your rights. 

A need for an attorney may arise for different reasons, but we handle numerous cases that include but are not limited to the following:

Vehicle Accidents

Car wrecks change your life in the blink of an eye. 

However, it’s just the beginning of a challenging and long journey to recovery, where hiring a qualified vehicle accident lawyer can help you avoid years of financial burden brought on by healthcare bills. 

Personal Injury

From a bite of your neighbor’s dog to a slip accident at a nearby grocery store, personal injury lawsuits cover a broad range of settlements. 

If you’re unsure that you’re eligible for a claim, we recommend considering talking with our personal injury lawyers for confirmation.

Toxic Torts

A toxic tort occurs when you contract an illness or disability due to exposure to hazardous materials or harmful chemicals due to the negligence of another party such as a municipality, company or another individual

Toxic tort cases can be difficult to litigate and require strong representation in order to achieve success. 

Products Liability

Dangerous or defective products can potentially cause serious injuries. 

These products may include defective car parts, drugs with life-threatening side effects, or even poorly designed toys, which pose a hazard to your children. 

Companies often won’t pull these dangerous products until someone makes them aware of the dangers and forces their hand.

Get Help from One of the Leading Law Firms in Hattiesburg

We believe that each client is not just another payment, but rather a person with individual rights and concerns that deserves the opportunity to discuss those concerns and their rights with an attorney without fear of judgment or criticism. 

Our experienced team of attorneys and support staff will work hard to make sure you are properly represented. 

Our practical, dynamic, and personalized legal advice can benefit people with a wide range of legal issues.

Having a local personal injury and commercial lawyer can get you the representation you deserve in the state of Mississippi.

Give us a call today to know more about us and our practice areas. 

Our Process

Our focus is on the principles that drive us, including making sure that our Clients’ individual needs are met and fighting for all of our clients so they feel that they have a fierce legal advocate in their corner whenever they need us.

We believe local representation and accountability matters and we find that when we commit to our clients, they often return the favor and continue coming to us for all of their legal needs. It is our belief that the greatest compliment one of our clients can give us is a referral to friends and family.


We understand that every client that walks in our door is a unique person, with individual needs so there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all legal solution.

We also understand that in most cases, our clients come to us because they or their loved ones have been injured. Our goal is to communicate with our clients and make certain that the outcome we achieve in their case is the result they are looking for.


As more and more personal injury law firms across the country begin to look and act like the corporations they claim to stand against, we believe local representation is as important as its ever been.

Our attorneys are always on call and accessible to you and we understand the everyday issues our clients deal with because we live and work in shared communities.

We work with various local organizations and are devoted to doing our part to make the Pine Belt a better place to live. We believe this approach to practicing law creates a greater level of trust and respect in the attorney-client relationship that is crucial to successfully pursuing solutions to our clients’ legal matters.


Our attorneys’ have a track record of litigation against powerful companies and associations including Wal-Mart, the NCAA, Georgia Pacific, Ford Motor Company, and even the US Government.

We believe folks that are injured by the negligent actions of powerful companies and individuals deserve their day in court and we’ll fight like hell to make sure that those responsible for injuring you or your loved ones are held accountable.

Deakle-Johnson Law Firm
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Our firm, previously known as Deakle Law Firm, has served the greater Pine Belt area, South Mississippi, and beyond for
more than forty-five years.

When John M. Deakle purchased the historic McLeod home in downtown Hattiesburg, he did so with the vision of a law firm
that would uphold the values of honesty, zealous advocacy, and above all, the firm belief that our justice system should
always remain accessible to all persons regardless of their background or means.

We are proud to continue to uphold these values and eager to continue serving the good people of South Mississippi, and
The Greater Pine Belt Area.

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