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Product Liability Attorney in Hattiesburg

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The Consumer Bill of Rights includes the right of a consumer to be informed, to choose, the right to safety, the right to be heard, the right to have problems corrected, the right to consumer education, and the right to service.

In light of this right, we are committed to providing our clients help and support when making a claim for compensation.

When you are injured because of a faulty product due to another party’s negligence, you’ll need a product liability attorney to help you.

How We Can Help

Our product liability attorneys will put to work our resources and experience to defend your rights as a consumer so the company or manufacturer that sells products that are defective or unreasonably dangerous will be held responsible.

Know Your Grounds

Harvard Business Review released an article about what companies should do “to reduce the likelihood of facing a product liability lawsuit and especially losing one”.

These are likewise some of the strategies that attorneys use to confront corporations.

Be aware of these wide ranges of product liability cases:

  • Product Design

Courts have the privilege of 20/20 hindsight. This means they can pinpoint how your product should have been designed to prevent defects.

Manufacturers have to design products to be safe in all the ways customers are likely to use them.

We can help courts identify defects in product design that can further cause injuries and hold the company responsible for it.

This product liability case can be the most expensive and troubling because it critically considers what should have been done and what would have happened if the product was designed properly.

If there is a risk of harm to consumers like you, the product manufacturer may be found at fault.

In short, if there is a feasible design solution or alternative that could have prevented an accident or injury to customers, then you can get a product liability attorney to pursue your case.

  • Packaging

Beyond the design and quality of the product itself is the importance of packaging.

A manufacturer should design the package in such a way that it removes the risk of harm to consumers.

After all, customers buy a product and package as a single unit. Hence, the packaging design should be given equal significance with the product design.

All packaging should also include warning labels where appropriate.

  • Adequate Warning

The absence of a proper warning on a product label, product description, or instruction manual is as dangerous as defects in product design.

The soundness of a product is not based only on its design.

This is especially important for pharmaceutical products where the long-term effects of a certain drug are not indicated even if the manufacturer is aware of it. A company should provide specific warnings that will reach its customers.

Apart from specific warnings, adequate instructions are also important.

Companies should make sure that their product labels are specific and easy to understand.

If you are a victim of a company’s neglect of providing consumers information that could have kept you safe, our product liability attorneys can help you win a product liability claim.

What Our Product Liability Attorney Will Do For You

Our product liability attorney fulfills these two roles:

  • Prosecute individuals and companies that have created a product that caused you or your family harm
  • Defend you if you have been accused of creating a product that causes harm.

It is best to consult with a product liability attorney if you bought a product that caused you to become sick or injured.

Your attorney can give you some insight into how strong your case may be and whether you should take your case to court.

It is likewise a smart idea to consult with a lawyer if you are being sued for supposedly endangering someone or a group of people with your product.

Our product liability lawyers are experienced in taking care of product liability cases and/or resolving product liability issues both in and out of court.

We will give you the best possible advice so that you will have a better idea of potential outcomes for your case.

Experienced and Trusted Product Liability Attorney in Hattiesburg

Choosing a product liability attorney can be the most important decision you make when you have been injured by a faulty product or accused of selling defective products.

Our product liability attorneys have a wide range of expertise for cases they’ve covered.

We will provide you the help and support you need when making a claim for compensation in a product liability case.

Learn more about DJ Law MS by calling for a free products liability consultation today.