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Mississippi 18 Wheeler Accidents – Truck Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler in Mississippi, seek out legal help from Deakle-Johnson Law Firm, PLLC.

Our firm has helped victims of all types of truck accidents. We can help you get a winning case that financially compensates for your loss.

With experience from our 18-wheeler accident injury attorneys and the right resources, we can fight for your rights.

Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

There can be many different causes of any truck accident. In most cases, it’s a combination of several factors that lead to a costly mistake.

Here are some of the most common reasons 18-wheelers get into wrecks:

  • Semi Trucking - Deakle-Johnson Law Firm, PLLC Insecure cargo: When cargo is loose, it can separate from the truck while on the road. It can hit other people or vehicles.
  • Vehicle problems: The truck may have had a mechanical failure which led to the driver losing control. The problem could stem back to a lack of maintenance or improper care.
  • Intoxication: Some drivers feel like they have to consume alcohol or drugs to stay awake while on the road. It’s mainly because of the pressure they have to fulfill deadlines. However, these substances impair judgment and, along with being illegal while on the road, lead to accidents.
  • Traffic Error: An error in judgment from a truck on the road can cause a mess. A wrong turn or swerve can cause the 18-wheeler to hit other vehicles.
  • Lack of training or licensing: Some drivers or companies try to get away with unlicensed operators. They may not have the training or experience, which increases the risk of an accident.
  • Fatigue: Truck drivers often stay on the road long hours and commit to jobs for weeks or months. It can lead to fatigue, which makes mistakes and lapses in judgment far more likely.
  • Speeding: A truck may be going over the speed limit trying to catch deadlines. A fast truck is harder to control, especially when something comes up on the road and they have to react quickly.

Vehicles that these trucks encounter are the most at risk. The mistake or failure could lead to accidents that can have life-altering injuries. They have also caused many fatalities.

If you’re looking to pursue a case against an 18-wheeler truck, contact us for help.

Fatal 18-Wheeler Accidents in Mississippi

Fatalities are a common occurrence during accidents involving trucks. Not only does this put the truck driver at risk, but also nearby pedestrians and drivers as well.

Most accidents happen on highways like interstates. Nearly every month, there will be a news report about trucks involved in accidents.

Truck accident - Deakle-Johnson Law Firm These fatalities are especially the case for passenger vehicle occupants. According to a report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) on large truck accidents, in 2019, 67% of truck accidents recorded killed at least one person driving in a passenger vehicle.

Unfortunately, this percentage has remained relatively stable since 1975 (around 60-70%), which is as far back as the report goes.

These numbers are not only nationwide, but they also directly relate to Mississippi. According to PolicyAdvice, a “2017 report showed that such major roads were the location for up to 52% of all large truck-related accidents.”

A significant number of these accidents take place in Mississippi because it has many highways, increasing the number of trucks that pass through.

Types of Compensation Available for 18-Wheeler Accidents

There are many types of compensation when it comes to truck accidents. Here are the common ones for 18-wheeler cases:

  • Pain and suffering: A combination of physical pain and mental anguish. This is an attempt to quantify the psychological effects caused by injuries as well as their physical extent. This can be pain from the past, present, and future.
  • Medical expenses: These cover all treatment, therapy, and medication involved.
  • Loss of wages: If the victim is unable to return to work, this will cover their lost wages.

It’s not uncommon for truck accident victims to receive around six to seven figures in claims because of the severity.

Experience and Skill To Handle Complex 18-Wheeler Accident Cases

If you’re looking for an 18-wheeler accident injury lawyer in Mississippi, look no further. Our knowledge and experience can help you get the compensation you need.

We’ll pursue your rights and fight for the claim you deserve. We’ll handle negotiations and are always available to guide you through each step.
We are one of the trusted law firms in Mississippi when it comes to all truck accidents. We offer free consultations and can help gather evidence to form a solid case. Give us a call at 601-544-0631 or fill out our contact form today.